A Boiler 24-7 Guide: Choosing the right Boiler for you

Here at Boiler 24-7, we come across many customers who are unaware of the three types of boilers and which one is better for them and their home. We like to help in any way that we possibly can to make your decision easier and stress-free when it comes to deciding what boiler installation service you would like us to provide.

Below is a brief description of all three boilers and how they work.

Heat Only Boiler

A heat only boiler is also known as open vent, conventional or regular boiler and are most commonly found in the typical house, with your hot water cylinder situated in your airing cupboard upstairs. If the boiler you are replacing is quite old, then it is most likely a heat only boiler.

The heat only boiler is the standard way of heating your home and most people will be familiar with it.
A heat only boiler comes with a programmer which is what you would use to control your heating and hot water, and now due to technology constantly rising we can offer a service where you can control your heat only boiler on your phone. We call this a NEST smart system.

System Boiler

Moving forward the next type of boiler is a system boiler which is very similar to a heat only boiler but with some key differences.

The system boiler is what we call a sealed system which means it is no longer gravity fed, its supported by a great amount of pressure behind it. This is why if you are considering doing something such as a loft conversion to your house but you still want to keep the back-up hot water cylinder then a system boiler is perfect for you.

The main difference between a system boiler and a heat only boiler would be the compacted installation. This means that a system boiler will have all the key components built inside where as a heat only boiler will have them situated outside the unit, making a heat only boiler typically take up more space in the loft.

Combination Boiler

A combination boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler combined and is found to be the most popular where some people may find it’s the best boiler for their home. In fact, a combination boiler is found to account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year.

This is mainly because of its most convenient advantage of having hot water on demand. You are able to run the hot tap and have a hot water supply up until you turn the tap off.

Another benefit of a combination boiler to many people is not having to store a hot water cylinder, and an incredible space saving idea.

Now the three types of boilers have been broken down, you are able to better analyse which types of boiler is right for you.

Something to think about is what kind of property do you live in? Is it a flat, small house, large house? If you live in a larger house with a big family, then we suggest the best boiler suited to you would be a heat only boiler. Alternatively, if you are to live in a flat small house or maybe just with your partner then a system boiler or combination boiler are more suited to heating your home.


We hope this has helped answer any questions you may have had on the three types of boilers but if not then please feel free to call us on 0203 103 0390. We are always happy to help.

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