How can a Boiler Service benefit you?

Here at Boiler 24-7, we are here to help and offer guidance to our customers in any way possible. So when we provide you with a boiler service, we inspect your boiler but also inspect your whole central heating system and home to give you some advice where you could potentially save some money.

An example of this where some homeowners have more than one room upstairs which isn’t being lived in anymore whether family members have moved out or gone to university or you simply just have the extra space. When this is the case we suggest installing a TRV.

What is a TRV and how can it help me save money?

A TRV is a thermostatic radiator valve, which costs £25 for the set and typically takes one of our engineers an hour to install, so you are looking at £100 for each room but with this you will save incredibly over the next 3,5 years. This is because a TRV allows you to adjust the temperature and turn them off completely.

What else are we looking for on a boiler service?

Of course our main priority is to make sure your boiler is safe and working properly but we also look at more ways our customers could potentially save money on their heating system. One popular and proven way of saving money is to upgrade your system controls to SMART system controls.

Smart system controls can be used of your phone so it is also convenient, but more importantly they learn how to use your central heating system and identify when you actually need to be putting it on.

For more advice and guidance on how to save money on your boiler then please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email – or give us a call on – 01753079755

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