FROSTY FRIDAY – Boiler Service Special Offer

Yes, it’s well and truly Freezing February!

But, if you were up this morning hacking away at the ice on your windscreen with your credit card or even pouring just-boiled water over it you need to stop.

Both of the above can scratch or even crack the glass on your car.

Luckily there’s a simple tip to banish ice from your windscreen and it doesn’t involve expensive sprays that last for a couple of uses.

All you need is table salt, water and an old towel. Simply mix up a saltwater solution, dunk the towel in it and leave it on the windscreen overnight.

Sorted! (or should I say salted!)

All of the cold weather must also be working your GAS BOILER overtime?

…and to prevent it ceasing up, breaking or just plain stopping, why not book it in for its Annual Gas safety check today.

It is also essential to service once a year to keep your Guarantee.

To have make it the easiest decision you make today to book in your service we are offering a discounted rate of just £78 + VAT.

Just quote the code ‘FROSTY FRIDAY’ when you call (today only) to claim your discounted £78 + VAT boiler service special offer.

CALL US TODAY ON – 0203 103 0390

Have a great Friday.


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