Why should I be checking my Carbon Monoxide detector regularly?

Gas Safety checks are key in ensuring your and your family’s safety. Your gas safety check should be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer, just like ours here at Boiler 24-7. Our engineers will ensure that:

  • Gas appliances are correctly set and burning to an accurate operating pressure
  • All ventilation routes are unblemished and operating appropriately
  • All safety devices are functional
  • All defects will be fixed

The most important element of your gas safety check will be ensuring that harmful gases are kept away from the user, and extracted safely outside. The installation of a working carbon monoxide detector is therefore key, and could go as far as saving your and your family’s health.

So how does your carbon monoxide detector work, and why should you be checking your detector regularly?

Your carbon monoxide detector does what it says on the tin; it detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within your home. Here at Boiler 24-7, we are often surprised that homeowners are unsure of what exactly carbon monoxide is, and how dangerous it could be if exposed to it.

So what is carbon monoxide, and how could it harm you?

Inhaling dangerous levels of carbon monoxide allows this harmful gas to enter your bloodstream, mixing with the haemoglobin, and forming carbon haemoglobin. Should this happen, your blood will struggle to carry oxygen around your body, which can prove extremely dangerous to your health.

We would urge homeowners to ensure that a working carbon monoxide detector is installed within their home, and strongly advice that landlords comply with legal obligations that require a detector to be installed in all rented accommodation.

As our Boiler 24-7 engineers conduct annual boiler service checks, we will be sure to check that your carbon monoxide detectors are effective. And if you’re a landlord in need of both a gas safety check and a detector, we can help!

Contact a member of the Boiler 24-7 team via our contact page, or call us on 01753 079 755.



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