First time home buyer? Get to know your Boiler

Despite a recent poll conducted by Electrical Safety First claiming that boiler considerations are within the top 10 when purchasing a property, a number of new home buyers are still failing to check the quality of the boiler before making an offer.

Many of us would expect these checks to be part of the recommended home survey report, yet this isn’t always the case, and small mistakes such as failing to check the model, quality or lifetime of your boiler could have big repercussions, resulting in great pay-outs.

So, how can you be sure that your new home comes with a working boiler, and what questions should you be asking?

  1. Understand the age and quality of the boiler

While the average lifetime of a well maintained and regularly serviced boiler would be between 10 and 15 years, this very much depends upon the type of boiler installed. Be sure to understand the model, as well as how well the boiler has been looked after.

Has the boiler been serviced annually? Has the boiler been over-used? These are factors that could have a significant impact on just how long the boiler could last you.

  1. Ask to see electrical and gas installation checks and reports

It is important to ensure that gas appliances are checked each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer, just like ours here at Boiler 24-7.

Problems with boiler safety that haven’t been picked up during a gas safety check could lead to serious issues such as a build-up of carbon monoxide – a serious health risk.

  1. Ask the seller to switch on the boiler, and turn on the central heating

It sounds simple, but asking to see the boiler in action is the only way to ensure it is in full working order. Before putting in an offer, pose as many questions as possible. Nothing is too silly and there is little worse than moving into your brand new home and finding yourself with a faulty boiler.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, Boiler 24-7 are on hand to help.

Whether you’re searching for boiler service, repair or installation in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire, our engineers are expert in all things boiler, plumbing and central heating. Need a quote? Get in touch today! Call us on 0203 103 0390 or visit our contact page.

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