Gas Safety Checks – Why You Should Have a Gas Safety Check


Having gas safety checks is an important part of managing your property. As a landlord, you are legally responsible for ensuring that every gas appliance in your property is properly working and complies with safety standards. Gas safety checks are done to identify and rectify problems to maintain a safe place for all tenants.

Why You Should Conduct Gas Safety Checks

By not conducting gas safety checks on a regular basis, you are putting your tenants at risk of suffering from health problems or gas-related accidents. If left unattended, the problem can lead to costly repairs. A well-maintained property has its flues, appliances and pipework kept in proper condition. Property owners or landlords need to conduct safety checks every year to make sure that all gas appliances are safe.

It is also important to get a Gas Safety Certificate or a record of the inspection as you need to give this to your tenants within 28 days or before new tenants move into the property. This certificate will also provide you with a record of checks if you have to show that your property has been properly maintained.

For basic maintenance, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times. If there are no instructions provided, a GasSafe certified engineer should check your gas appliances. By having a professional inspect it, you are assured that your appliances are checked by someone who is certified and professionally trained.

It is important that you follow these rules because failure to do so may lead to serious consequences such as being legally responsible for all damages caused by defective gas appliances. Without regular gas safety checks, tenants are open to possibly serious problems. Scheduling your yearly gas safety check and getting a certificate to prove this can help you protect your tenants. It’s also a way of protecting yourself from lawsuits. Make sure that your gas appliances are properly maintained by a professional. Hire someone capable to conduct thorough gas safety checks.

How to Get Gas Safety Checks

Boiler 24-7 has a team of expert Gas Safe registered engineers who can conduct gas safety checks for you. We know how important a gas safety check is. Our engineers perform a thorough inspection and issue a detailed Gas Safety Certificate upon the evaluation’s completion. The certificate will include the following:

  • Date of inspection
  • Location and name of appliances
  • Registration number and name of the engineer who performed the inspection
  • Address of your property
  • Defects found and the action done to correct it

If you need to conduct a gas safety check, just call 0203 103 0390 or fill out the form here. The engineer will contact you 30 to 60 minutes before arrival.  If it’s an emergency, we’ll try to come to you within 24 hours. With us, you are assured that the gas safety check will go as planned and all problems with your appliances will be uncovered and rectified so that you can get your Gas Safety Certificate.


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