Landlord Certificates (Gas Safety Certificates)

landlord certificate

Gas Safety Regulations 1998 states that landlords should get a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months. If an agent is managing your property, the contract should state the person who is responsible for performing maintenance on gas appliances.

You should also keep a copy of all the paperwork. Keep a record of the inspection for 2 years. You should also give all your tenants a copy within 28 days of the gas safety inspection. For new tenants, give them a copy of the certificate before they move in. Your agent should get a Gas Safety Certificate if the contract says he is responsible.

Importance of Gas Safety Certificates

A Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement for landlords who want to rent out a property. This certificate attests that all gas appliances in the property are working properly and comply with safety standards. A Gas Safe registered engineer should conduct an inspection on a yearly basis. A certificate will be issued upon the inspection’s completion. This certificate usually contains the following:

  • Property address
  • Location and description of all appliances
  • Date when the appliance was inspected
  • Notes on defective appliances and the action done to rectify it
  • Signature and name of the engineer who performed the inspection
  • Confirmation of results
  • Address and name of the property owner or landlord
  • In some cases, the agent’s name should be included in the certificate as well.

A gas safety check may reveal information that has to be recorded on the certificate. The engineer will often be capable of shutting off the valve and disabling the appliance. This will allow them to give you a Gas Safety Certificate since the threat to safety has been taken care of. You can then decide whether you’re going to leave the appliance as not working or replace it.

A Gas Safety Certificate protects both the landlord and the tenants. It serves as a binding document if something does occur in the future. This certificate protects landlords from liability and possible court costs.

Get a Gas Safety Certificate

If you need to get a Gas Safety Certificate, then our Gas Safe registered engineers can help.  We understand just how important a detailed inspection is. Here at Boiler 24-7, we conduct a thorough gas safety inspection and provide you with a comprehensive report for your record. This report will include the location and name of every appliance, the date of inspection, the registration number and name of the engineer who conducted the inspection, the address where the inspection was performed and defects found and what action was taken to correct it.

If you need a Landlord Certificate or Gas Safety Certificate, then you can fill out the form or call us anytime. It is better to be safe than sorry, so let us conduct your gas safety check. With Boiler 24-7, you are assured that the inspection will go smoothly and you will immediately know if you’ll get a Gas Safety Certificate or if there’s something you need to rectify first.



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