Signs of Carbon Monoxide

Boiler 24/7 thinks it’s very important for our customers to know how to identify signs of carbon monoxide and to give advice on what precautions to take. This is why we have written a short blog on the importance of preventing and identifying carbon monoxide in your home.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless and odder less toxic gas, it can be found and produced in many different ways but when it comes to boilers we have some key knowledge on how to prevent a Carbon Monoxide leak and how to identify it.

A way of making sure your boiler is regularly checked is by getting an annual boiler service, we also would automatically check for Carbon Monoxide and the safety of your boiler on any boiler service we provide. This includes when we are commissioning up a boiler and mainly when were de-commissioning a boiler we make sure we are identifying and turning it off for the right reasons and checking to see if it is producing the right or wrong amount of gas.

What do we check?

There is a component built into your boiler called a ‘’flue’’ this is an outlet where all the bad emissions go. To check that this is working correctly we will use a flue analyser which will give us a ratio to ensure us your boiler is working efficiently.

We will also do a visual inspection around the boiler to see if there are any black sot marks on the side or on the walls or ceiling, these are important signs of carbon monoxide. If you notice any of these signs yourself then please don’t hesitate on giving us a call as we will need to talk about and discuss upgrading your boiler system to make it safe.

Hopefully this has been useful to our customers and if you have any more questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on – 0203 103 0390

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